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Welcome to LINC

Welcome to LINC

Lehigh Valley Inter-Regional Networking & Connecting Consortium (LINC) is bringing a purpose-driven reason to work, play and stay in the Lehigh Valley. LINC supports newly transplanted and diverse employees by helping pre-hire candidates envision Lehigh Valley as their home, supporting accompanying partners in their career search, and transitioning new hires and their families into the local community. 

LINC seeks to solve challenges  Lehigh Valley employers face in terms of recruiting and retaining diverse highly skilled talent for the long term. Born out of a Career Life Balance Initiative Supplemental Grant to the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Grant awarded to Lehigh University, LINC in its new location, is committed to providing Lehigh Valley employers with invaluable resources and unconditional support to gain a competitive recruitment and retention edge with the goal of reducing employee turnover and employment cost savings.

Our Partners

The Lehigh Valley is called home to a variety of industry leaders throughout the world in categories of medical device equipment, healthcare, energy and education—as well as the industrial sector the Valley has been known for. LINC has partnered with area companies, which provide a wealth of networking opportunites inside the broad industry sectors that the Lehigh Valley has grown to encompass. By teaming with regional organizations, LINC is able to leverage economic growth and stability while solving a significant recruitment and retention problem facing our best employers.

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"LINC is a group of employers banding together to solve a common problem."

Christopher Donigan
Senior Vice President
Human Resources
B Braun Medical