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Leveraging Membership & Maximizing Opportunities

The most unique aspect of the Lehigh Valley Inter-regional Networking & Connecting consortium is the regional effort that has brought together forward-thinking and prestigious companies both large and small, health organizations, higher education, K-12 area schools, government agencies and non-profit organizations. The collaborative effort on the part of each organization speaks to the level of need growing regionally addressing the retention and recruitment of highly-skilled and highly educated employees. 

The difficulty employers face in retaining professionals is often due to life challenges experienced by today‚Äôs work force. Primary issues that modern professionals face include dual career (accompanying spouse/partner) challenges and successful integration of new hires and/or families into their new community. LINC addresses both professional and personal connections by providing a network of resources, pre-hire and career support and community and cultural transition support. 

LINC offers an innovative workforce development plan. It is built on a foundation of its members and partners who are committed to providing a personalized hands-on approach to supporting their potential candidates, new and relocated hires. This fee-for-service non-profit organization is a unique resource for employers and businesses in the region who seek to enhance their recruiting and retention efforts.

Membership provides access to:

  • A collaborative network driven by regionalization and mutual interests leading to efficiencies in recruitment and retention
  • A regional endeavor that maximizes and synergizes new and existing connections that creates a cross-culture of professional opportunities

 There are multiple ways to enage with LINC facilitating and building a cross-industry network:

It is already beginning. Our Task Force, who will also represent our Board of Directors, make up companies, organizations, and institutions across the Lehigh Valley who see the value of LINC and its services and have made a decision to partner with LINC.LINC would like to express our gratitude to our current members for participating in this innovative program and for doing what needs to be done to help us make it a success for everyone. Become one of our Partners today.